Waretown Ballot Question: Who Are You Kidding?

Pro-development elected officials have pushed through, by a vote of 54% to 46%, a sham ballot referendum in order to destroy Waretown’s natural character north of Wells Mills Road. Considering that the referendum was anonymously funded, ambiguously worded, not accompanied by an explanatory statement, and supported by the Republican political machine, SBB considers its passage to be without moral force.

November 1, 2002

Mr. Ed Fox
Office of Smart Growth
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
P.O. Box 204
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Mr. Fox,

Prior to the upcoming general election, I wish to put in a word with the Office of Smart Growth and the State Planning Commission on behalf of Save Barnegat Bay and over 1,200 families who support us annually – many of whom live in Waretown (Ocean Township).

Ocean Township has placed a referendum on the ballot asking people to approve a redevelopment plan which would in sum and substance be co-extensive with their proposed Town Center.

For four reasons, Save Barnegat Bay asks that the Office of Smart Growth and the State Planning Commission give no moral weight to this ballot referendum should it pass.

(1) The referendum was worded in an extremely ambiguous manner.

(2) There was no explanatory statement.

(3) The campaign to pass this ballot question was paid for by a Committee that calls itself “Waretown First”. This committee may have violated New Jersey election regulations by not registering with the Election Law Enforcement Commission. How is the public to understand who has funded this effort, and why?

(4) The many signs posted by “Waretown First” pitch this ballot question as a tax issue. How is the public to understand what this proposal would do to the environment?

Thank you for considering our views.


William deCamp, Jr., President
Save Barnegat Bay

Read the wording of the ballot referendum.

How You Can Help Save Waretown.

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