YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Perhaps the most important committee hearing ever on Barnegat Bay will be held in Toms River. Being present at this hearing is a must for everyone who loves Barnegat Bay. Download a flyer to help boost the crowd. Download Stickers to wear at hearing.




Joint State Senate & Assembly
Environment Committee Hearing

Thursday, August 12
10 AM to Noon

At Toms River Town Hall
33 Washington Street

Senator Bob Smith and Assemblyman John McKeon have introduced a bill with language that will require all fertilizer sold or used in New Jersey to have at least 30% of its Nitrogen in slow release form. This is potentially a major victory for the Bay. But industry is still adamantly opposed to this bill and instead industry favors a mere labeling law.

Scotts Miracle-Gro and the New Jersey Turfgrass Association will be lobbying hard against this bill. It is up to you, your friends, and Save Barnegat Bay to turn out in large numbers to demonstrate to the legislature the profound importance of this issue.

Barnegat Bay’s largest environmental problem is that it is loaded with too much nitrogen, thoroughly disrupts its ecosystem. Although nitrogen from lawn fertilizer is by not the largest source of Nitrogen to the bay (rain is) it contributes between 10 and 30 percent. Moreover, the nitrogen in lawn fertilizer is especially harmful because unlike nitrogen that falls in the rain, the nitrogen in lawn fertilizer is specially designed to be taken up by plants, including the algae in Barnegat Bay.

It is up to us to support this legislation by backing up its sponsors at this hearing. They have taken the courageous step of regulating content, not having a labeling law, which will be largely ignored. This is crucial to the health of Barnegat Bay. Mark your calendar.

There was never a hearing of greater importance to Barnegat Bay.

To learn more check in periodically at

Download a flyer to help boost the crowd.

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Download Stickers to wear at hearing.

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You can also help by writing, phoning, or personally speaking to your state legislators, who can be found here:

Tell them to stand firm for requiring at least 30% slow release nitrogen and to oppose the labeling law that industry is proposing.

Please do not let down the Bay.

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