Stop Excessive Development in Stafford

Save Barnegat Bay, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, and the Ocean County Sierra Club hosted an extremely well-attended rally and educational session on the Stafford Landfill and overdevelopment in Stafford generally.

Save Barnegat Bay, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, and the Ocean County Sierra Club hosted a rally and educational session for Stafford Township and Ocean County residents on the Stafford Landfill issue and on overdevelopment in Stafford generally Tuesday, March 21 at 7 PM at the Holiday Inn.


Pinelands Commission Meets: Monday, March 27 at 6 PM in New Lisbon. For Directions phone Pineland Preservation Alliance at 609-859-8860.

Stafford Township Council Meetings: First and third Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

This recent Alert by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance
may teach you a lot about what is proposed
at the Stafford Landfill and why it is a problem.

>>> Read Mayor Carl Block’s rebuttal and Save Barnegat Bay’s reaction to it. See what you think.

Over 150 citizens concerned with overdevelopment in Stafford Township and with the huge development proposed just southwest of Exit 63 of the Garden State Parkway attended.

Read about the meeting in Press of Atlantic City.
Among the topics of this rally and educational session were:

► The Huge Development planned for the Stafford Landfill, just west of GSP and just south of Route 72. The proposed 500 + homes and 680,000 sq. ft. of commercial/retail/office space; how it will diminish your quality of life; and what you can do. The township is pushing for Walters Homes to develop the site.

► Rampant Overdevelopment throughout Stafford. What further development is proposed and how you can reduce it. Today’s population = 24,000. Projected 2025 population = 30,000. Stafford’s proposed town “center”, and the “hamlet” and golf course proposed for Mayetta. And more.

► A discussion of how political money may be a root cause of overdevelopment in Stafford Township and in Ocean County. Did you know that Walters Homes, the proposed developer of the Stafford Landfill area, is a major contributor to the Ocean County Republican party?


1Walters Management gives $7,200 to to Ocean County Republican Chairman’s PAC

2Walters Management gives $32,700 to Ocean County Republican Finance Committee

3The Stafford Republican Club receives $34,660 BUT DOES NOT REPORT WHERE THEY GOT THE MONEY, as required by New Jersey’s Election Law Enforcement Commision.

4 – Also, have a look at who has been paying the freight for “The Block Team“. (Page four includes $1,250 from Walters & Sons.) (This file may take a little longer to open.)

5 – Walters Homes, in 2005 alone, gave $32,700 to the Ocean County Republican Finance Committee (#2 above). Take a look at where Carl Block got ALMOST ALL his money in his 2003 campaign for County Clerk.

[Learn about ordinances to control Pay-to-Play from Common Cause New Jersey. Phone the Executive Director of Common Cause NJ, Lauren Skowronski, at 732-548-9798 to discuss the specifics of how to you can help limit the effect of money in politics.]

[Teach yourself to follow the money trail using the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement database.]

► Questions, Answers, and Discussion with the goal of getting people to network effectively in opposing overdevelopment.

For more information email Save Barnegat Bay at [email protected] or phone 732-830-3600.

[This was the FLYER for the rally.]

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