See SBB’s Map of On-the-Water Policing Capacity

Save Barnegat Bay is encouraging municipalities and boroughs to put police boats on the water. See our MAP of the existing, the proposed, and the non-existent.

August 4, 2003



Jennifer O’Reilly

Boating Enforcement Map is now online at

See MAP.

Save Barnegat Bay has created an online Boating Regulation Enforcement map of Barnegat Bay. The map tracks those municipalities that currently have on-the-water policing capacity or are proposing it.

The map, which can be seen on the Internet at, was created in-house by the group’s Associate Executive Director, Jennifer O’Reilly, using Geographic Information System software.

“In viewing this map, one clearly sees the direction in which we need to head for a safer and quieter experience out on the Bay,” said O’Reilly. “Right now, we are reliant on the overstretched State Marine Police for assistance and law enforcement almost everywhere south of Lavallette.”

Current on-the-water police enforcement exists in Brick Township and in the Boroughs of Brielle, Mantoloking, and Lavallette. Enforcement capacity is proposed by citizens in Dover Township and Island Heights Borough.

The map offers specific information about the type and hours of enforcement of on-the-water policing for each of these municipalities. Contact information and locations for the New Jersey State Marine Police stations are also detailed.

“Our purpose is to educate the public and to encourage further municipal on-the-water boating enforcement throughout Barnegat Bay,” said O’Reilly. Persons interested in advocating such police capacity in their town are invited to phone Save Barnegat Bay at 732-830-3600 or to contact the group by email at

The ability of townships and boroughs to enforce state
marine laws is similar to the ability of local on-land police forces to enforce traffic laws on state highways, O’Reilly indicated.

“Reductions in noise and speed along Barnegat Bay would make working and recreating on the Bay a much safer, more enjoyable experience,” O’Reilly said. “We need to get a handle on the madness.”


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