SBB testimony – part 2

Part 2 of SBB testimony.

Proponents of this Bill have bent over backward to be Reasonable

We have chosen the 30% slow release figure, which is the lowest figure generally offered by those institutions making recommendations.

We have agreed that lawn care professionals may be held to a more lenient standard as long as they become certified. This includes golf courses.

We have attended dozens of meetings in search of consensus, but we have been unable to bridge the gap between ourselves and those who favor a mere labeling law.

A final thought…

In looking at the features weighing on both sides of the scale, we hope that those with the power to decide will consider this thought:

Barnegat Bay in its healthy state means many things to many people. It is a clammer out on the bay… It is a couple dining on clams… It is a small businessman making his living… It is a grandfather and a granddaughter crabbing together… It is friends out boating… It is fishing early on a Sunday morning… It is children swimming at a bay beach…

And on the other side of the scale? We ask you to remember… it is just grass.

Thank you for considering our views.

After listening to the testimony at this hearing, we may submit further written testimony on these four extremely important bills.


Letter of Endorsement from J. Frederick Grassle

Letter of Endorsement from Ivan Valiela

Graphic comparing Florida law to S-1141 / A-2290

Page from Penn State University website with statement on slow release

Page from University of Maryland website with statement on slow release

Page from Cornell University website with statement on slow release

Page from University of Florida website with statement on slow release

Page from Virginia Tech University website with statement on slow release

First and last page of one of the contracts between Rutgers University and its business partner Scott’s MiracleGro

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