Join Save Barnegat Barnegat Bay’s SAY NO TO JELLYFISH CAMPAIGN. Urge the Ocean County Freeholders to support Save Barnegat Bay’s Nitrogen Fertilizer Ordinance. Here how.

The Nitrogen Fertilizer Ordinance written by Save Barnegat Bay and endorsed by some of the world’s leading scientists is by far the strongest and most practical ordinance available and the only one in existence that can get the job done.

Passage of SBB’s ordinance must occur at the Ocean County Department of Health, and it is essential that the County Freeholders make known to the Board of Health that Save Barnegat Bay’s ordinance is the only one that can get the job done.

Powerful political forces are resisting this effort, and we need YOU to urge the Ocean County Freeholders actively support Save Barnegat Bay’s ordinance in three ways.

Please write:

Freeholder Director John Bartlett
Freeholder Gerry Little, Liaison to Health Department
PO Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754

Please request that the Freeholders work urgently and actively for passage of Save Barnegat Bay’s ordinance. In your letter, insist on these three points:

(1) Insist on an ordinance that requires SBB’s recommended “slow release” nitrogen content.

(2) Insist on on an ordinance that bans for sale in Ocean County any fertilizer that is banned for use in Ocean County (Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of fertilizers for available. The ban on sale of “bay unfriendly” fertilizers is the only system that will work.)

(3) Do not pass off the responsibility for creating this program to the bureaucrats at the state’s “National Estuary Program” (also known as the BBNEP). These state bureaucrats are have been actively resisting Save Barnegat Bay’s solution to the nitrogen fertilizer problem.

Those are the three key points: Slow release; ban on sale of on bay damaging fertilizers; “hands off” by state bureaucrats. Anyone supporting a plan lacking those three elements is a Friend of Jellyfish and no friend of Barnegat Bay.

Please help us take back the bay. Please SAY ‘NO’ TO JELLYFISH!

There is much more on the Nitrogen problem at

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