Save Barnegat Bay Model Nitrogen Ordinance

The County of Ocean is currently considering an ordinance governing nitrogen in fertilizer. Save Barnegat Bay’s extensively and carefully research model ordinance would be the strongest and most practical in the country.

During most of 2008, Save Barnegat Bay extensively researched the science of of excess nitrogen in Barnegat Bay as well as all of the existing nitrogen fertilizer ordinances in the United States. We then carefully drafted what would be the strongest and most practical ordinance in the country for consideration by the County of Ocean.

We believe our model ordinance to be superior to all others for two reasons: First, it is the only ordinance that bans for sale those fertilizers that are banned for use, thereby simplifying the process of homeowner compliance. Second, it more effectively deals with the core problem of “slow release” versus “fast acting” nitrogen content.

The purpose of this page is to enable the reader to gain a through understanding of the content, context, and scientific basis of SBB’s ordinance.

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For an overview of how nitrogen in fertilizer and SBB’s nitrogen ordinance fit the overall picture of nitrogen in Barnegat Bay, read: SBB Model Nitrogen Ordinance in Perspective

The best way to understand the content of SBB’s ordinance is not to read the text but rather to learn by reading these frequently asked questions: Explanation by means of FAQs

For those who wish to see the exact text of the ordinance, here it is: Text of ordinance

Many people wonder how this ordinance will ever be enforced. The answers are more straight forward than you may think: Enforcement considerations

Save Barnegat Bay’s Model Nitrogen Lawn Care Ordinance as been read and endorsed by some of the leading estuarine scientists in the nation and in the world:

Ivan Valiela, Senior Research Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Massachusetts.

J. Frederick Grassle, Founder and first Director, Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies, Rutgers University

Michael J. Kennish, Professor, Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies, Rutgers University

John Tiedemann, Dean, Urban Coastal Institute, Monmouth University

Kent Mountford, Ecologist and Environmental Historian

Norbert P. Psuty, Professor Emeritus, Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies, Rutgers University

Save Barnegat Bay has written a Draft Science Defense of this ordinance, which explains its strengths on the basis of extensive research into the science of nitrogen loading to estuaries. Scientists who have ideas as to how to strengthen this document, or who wish to discuss it, are requested to contact Save Barnegat Bay.

Draft Science Defense

To read all of the above documents (except the Draft Science Defense) in a singe pdf, click – here.

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