This Way to Barnegat Bay

This Way to Barnegat Bay is a curriculum created to highlight the ecosystems, plants, and animals that reside both in the Barnegat Bay and the Barnegat Bay Watershed. Save Barnegat Bay is equipped with tools, lesson plans, and partners to bring the most dynamic and interactive presentation to your classroom or group!

Sample Topics Ideas:

Watersheds: When water drains across, through, and beneath the land surrounding a body of water, that land is called a watershed. You are always in a watershed! With this topic we cover point source and non-point source pollution affecting the Barnegat Bay.

Sea nettles: Sea nettles are the top of the food chain in Barnegat Bay causing a nuisance and public health concern to people and the local species of the bay.

Storm water: When a drop of water falls from the sky and lands on the ground, it is called storm water. From this concept we can discuss rain barrels and other green infrastructure. We can even construct and paint a barrel in your classroom for your school!

There are many more! Contact the Education and Outreach Coordinator Graceanne Taylor by filling out this form to bring these programs to your group! [email protected]