Save Barnegat Bay will visit your group and provide a free and informative talk about Barnegat Bay and the work we are doing to protect it. If your community group decides that you are ready to engage in volunteer projects, Save Barnegat Bay will help you coordinate your efforts.

Contact the Education and Outreach Coordinator Graceanne Taylor via email to bring these programs to your group! [email protected]


The Holgate Taxpayers Association partnered with Long Beach Township to complete the beach access at Jacqueline Avenue.  Before choosing the Jacqueline access to be the first access to be planted, we had to designate a “caretaker” (steward) for the new plants, whose job was to keep the shrubs, grasses and trees watered, this was in place to ensure the plants would survive.

Save Barnegat Bay and the Watershed Institute provided the funding for Bryce Bennett, Landscape Architect, to design and specify the type and quantity of a variety of native plants for three typical beach accesses in Holgate.  Bryce also provided expert knowledge and demonstrated how to properly set the plants in an environment that is not friendly to plant growth.  About $900 worth of plants were financed by the Taxpayers Association membership and a handful of volunteers completed the planting.

There are 21 more beach accesses in Holgate and planning has begun for the next planting in May.  The success of this vital program is dependent upon the cooperation and support of everyone as a lot of details need to be addressed to make it happen.