STEM Summer Series


Get your hands wet this summer at Save Barnegat Bay’s STEM Summer Series(SSS)!  Meet scientists, educators, and local experts as we explore Bay Head to discover shellfish and wildlife, visit exhibits, learn about how we build our communities, get exposed to a variety of STEM professionals, careers and more. Young people ages 5-15 from Bay Head, Mantoloking, and Point Pleasant Beach are encouraged to apply. Limited space is available. The program is free thanks to generous support of the Clare Foundation. SSS will take place on Tuesdays, July 11th-August 22. 10am to 12pm at different locations. 


STEM Summer Series Schedule as of April 7, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 STEM Summer Series. We have an incredible schedule planned for this season. We cannot wait! Please note things are subject to change slightly as we finalize our plans for the summer.

All Tuesday programs will be held 10am to 12pm unless otherwise indicated.

Some of our STEM Summer Series are planned around public events happening in the watershed in hopes that you and your young learner would be inspired to attend these events on your own. They are NOT events planned by the STEM Summer Series. Please see the attached websites for more information.

July 11 @Bay Head Elementary School
Drop in the Bucket
Students and Parents/Guardians will be oriented to the new 2023 STEM Summer Series program. Parents/Guardians, please plan to stay for the first half hour of the program. Following orientation, students will break into groups to learn about how a rain barrel is constructed, what it is used for, and how it can help protect our water!

July 18 @Mantoloking Bridge County Park
Keep Calm and Crab On
Students will learn about our precious blue claw crabs with park naturalist Chris Claus. Crabs are a well known local species that support biodiversity but also fill our tummies! Not only will we learn about the crab but also how to catch them. Corresponding public program: Bunker Challenge Crabbing Contest

July 25 @Ocean County Artists Guild 22 Chestnut Ave Island Heights
Art of Science
One important way that we learn to communicate is through art work. When tackling today’s challenges in science and technology, we often use art to not just communicate but to think creatively about how to solve problems. Join the Ocean County Artists Guild as we connect with nature and climate change through artistic expression.

July 27 10am to 12pm @Barnegat Oyster Collective (Barnegat)
Fresh off the Boat
STEM Students will get a first look at the new oyster processing facility and education center as well as meet the team at the Barnegat Oyster Collective. The Collective is the effort of multiple Barnegat Bay oyster growers working together to bring oysters from the bay to your dinner plate!

July 31 (8:30pm-11pm*) @Barnegat Bay EcoCenter 117 Haines Road Toms River
Flight in the Night
Moths are the butterflies of the night. Join us for this special event to view these beautiful creatures and learn about their importance to our ecosystem and our native plants! *For our youngest learners the presenter is willing to start at 8pm to help accommodate bed times! Contact Graceanne if you select this option.

Aug 1 @Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science 195 Cedar Bridge
Road Manahawkin
Shark Biologist for a Day This is a very special opportunity to visit the inside of Ocean County’s leading science high school. At MATES we will use one of the science labs to work in teams to dissect a real shark! We will learn about its anatomy, what issues are facing them, how we can protect them, what they eat and more!

Tentatively Aug 4 (5:30pm-9:30pm) @Island Beach State Park
Surf Fishing and After Dark
We are jam-packing this night with a ton of fun and learning for your learners. We are working with Island Beach State Park to plan an afternoon of surf fishing on the beach. If we get the date we are hoping for, ASTRA, a local astronomy group, will have their telescopes at the park and your students will have the chance to learn about the stars following their surf fishing adventures. This is all still in the works. You will be notified as we get things finalized.

Aug 8 @Bay Head Beach
A Wave of Plastic
Special guest Joe Reynolds from Save Coastal Wildlife will introduce our students to the harm of plastic pollution on our coastal wildlife including marine mammals. Students will have the chance to identify things on the beach as well as find microplastics and keep our beaches clean!

Aug 10 7pm-9pm @Shore Acres Club (NOT the YC)
Stop the Sting Lagoon Lab
STEM Students are invited to this event hosted by Save Barnegat Bay to help Brick residents and the community learn about our campaign to reduce harmful bay nettle jellyfish populations. Learn about the animals living in your lagoon!

Aug 15 @Bay Head Community Garden
Sustainability in Community Gardening
A healthy environment is directly linked to a healthy community. Eating fresh fruits and veggies can be the key to lifelong health but we have to connect with our food source first. We say to eat local but do we really understand why? Let’s expand our vocabulary of vegetables we can grow or purchase locally to reduce carbon emissions and sink carbon in our race against climate change.

Aug 17 10am-12pm in Toms River
For STEM Summer Series Students that attend at least 6 programs. Students will crawl into this guided tour opportunity to learn about tiny critters from all over the world!

Aug 22 @Mantoloking Yacht Club
Science of Sailing
Sailing culture has existed on Barnegat Bay for centuries. In the modern era, the same physics that pushes a sailboat also lifts an airplane! Join us as we explore the physics of sailing and let the wind take us where we want to go! Corresponding public program: Duck Boat Worlds Aug 25, Mantoloking Yacht Club (need access to a boat to view this regatta. Contact Graceanne for ideas and help getting to this event)

End of Summer STEM Presentations

Possible meetings we will choose from below. Your students will present what they learned all summer!
Bay Head Council Meeting Aug 7 and 21 @7:00pm Mantoloking Council Meeting Aug 15 @5:30pm