DRIFT: Our 50th Anniversary Film


In celebration of our 50th anniversary preserving Barnegat Bay, Save Barnegat Bay is pleased to present our documentary film, DRIFT, produced in collaboration with Monmouth University Production Services and directed by Erin Fleming. Drift tells the story of Barnegat Bay through the voices and eyes of people who cherish the Bay as a natural, recreational, and economic resource for the local community and all of New Jersey. The film allows the viewer to DRIFT through 50 years of complex issues through a series of short vignettes, using a variety of perspectives, viewpoints, and experiences.

We hope this beautiful piece of art inspires and engages a new generation of residents and visitors in the mission to save Barnegat Bay and the Watershed. We are grateful to all of our friends, colleagues, and supporters for helping to bring this story to life in film. You are living legends, and you stir our emotions and passions.

Every story around the Bay inspires us all to work harder and to do more to protect and restore our beautiful Barnegat Bay.


Drift along the 42 miles that make up NJ’s largest body of water the Barnegat Bay. Discover the natural beauty, complicated environmental issues, and formidable people striving to keep this natural wonder healthy for future generations.

Save Barnegat Bay is excited to be taking Drift “on the road” starting April 1st, 2022!


Save Barnegat Bay is excited to be taking Drift “on the road” starting April 1st, 2022! We can’t wait to share this story of the Bay’s natural beauty, its complex cultural history, and the people who are fighting for its survival with our Barnegat Bay family and beyond.

We are currently taking bookings for screenings for local groups, clubs, and organizations — click the link below to request a screening or reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


Who can request a screening?

We are currently taking screening requests for groups and organizations. If you are involved with or know someone in one of the following groups, get in touch: Yacht Clubs, Homeowner Associations, Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Community Organizations, Scout and Youth Organizations, Key Clubs, Faith-based Groups, Garden Clubs, Schools, Environmental Commissions, Green Teams, or Partner organizations. 

How many people can you accommodate for an event?

We do not have a limit on the number of people we can accommodate for screenings. Save Barnegat Bay has its own in-house tech equipment (speaker, projector, screen, etc.) that is suitable for up to approx. 60 people. If you anticipate 60+ people in the audience, that is fine, please just notify us so that we can make appropriate arrangements with a more formal AV setup.

Does Save Barnegat Bay provide a tech setup for the screening?

Save Barnegat Bay has a tech setup which includes a computer to screen the film, a projector, screen, and speaker. However, if your event space already has a tech setup that can be more easily used, please let us know! SBB staff is flexible. If we are using SBB’s equipment, we ask that event hosts ensure that there is easy access to a power source.

How long is the film? 

The film is about 1 hour 10 minutes long and contains five segments (additional information below).

What is it about?

The film is separated into five segments, which are described below:

  • The Beat Goes On: tells the story of Beatons boatyard through the lens of its cultural and historical significance on Barnegat Bay; covers the story of Sandy through the lens of how it affected the local community 
  • The Tale of Two Creeks: orients viewers with the Barnegat Bay watershed, the geographic area it encompasses, and highlights development pressures on nature; contrasts the Cedar Creek sub watershed (a relatively pristine environment) and the Toms River sub watershed (an environment that has suffered a great deal of devastation) 
  • The Sting: interviews NJ’s premier jellyfish scientist, Dr. Paul Bologna, to discuss the growing issue of jellyfish in Barnegat Bay
  • Deep Into the Shallow: a roundtable discussion of female voices leading the environmental charge on Barnegat Bay on topics such as overdevelopment, population growth, wetlands, and flooding
  • The Godfather: tells the story of Pete McLain, a revolutionary local conservationist who played a role in the early protection of the Bay; tells the story about how one person can make a difference

What if my group can’t show the whole film due to a time constraint?

Event hosts may elect to show only select film segments, if that is preferable. However, we do recommend that the full film is shown in all its glory for audiences!

What type of audience is the film suitable for?

The film is suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds

What if I’m not affiliated with a group? Can I still attend a screening?

At this time, we are currently only taking booking requests from groups and organizations. However, many hosts are electing to host screenings which will be available to the public. These events will be publicized on our social media, so keep an eye out!

Can I watch the film online?

The film is not yet available for online viewing.

Can the film be screened both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, SBB can accommodate for both indoor and outdoor screenings.

When can I request a screening for?

You can request a screening for any date starting April 1, 2022! We will do our best to accommodate for your group’s preferred date and times. If you are interested in requesting a screening, please fill out this form to help streamline the scheduling process: https://forms.gle/dcp7skoBGHi2h84K7.

Is there a cost affiliated with hosting a screening?

There is typically no cost associated with hosting a Drift screening. Only in certain circumstances in which SBB may have to engage a professional AV setup (this would be for very large audiences), may we wish to consider discussing the potential of sharing costs. However, please note that SBB intends for this film to be accessible to anyone who wishes to see it. We are excited to share its message across the state and watershed, so we will work with you to ensure that this happens!