“Dems OK Barnegat Bay bills; political fight with gov looms”

Political struggle in the State Senate over proposed bills of a “nitrogen diet” for the Barnegat Bay and required storm water plans by new developers leave the possibility of new nitrogen sources in the Bay.

An article in the Asbury Park Press on Tuesday, June 19th shines a light on the “Battle of Barnegat Bay, the sequel”regarding three bills being passed in Ocean County to protect the Barnegat Bay from excess nitrogen attributed to future development. The first bill addresses the need to identify and eliminate the sources of excess nitrogen to control nitrogen eutrophication, which is killing the bay. The solution is a “diet” for the intake of nitrogen called the total maximum daily loads (TMDL). This diet can only be successful if future development does not add new sources of nitrogen, which bring the second and third bill into affect. These bills would create the need for new developers to create a storm water plan in their business proposal and pay for this plan through their own funds, eliminating the need for taxpayer dollars to pay for the cleanup of these developmental effects on the Barnegat Bay. Read the full article below for more information on the political struggle for clean development and a cleaner Bay!

Dems OK Barnegat Bay bills; political fight with gov looms

A follow-up article in the Asbury Park Press on Wednesday, June 20th shares the opinion that inaction on Barnegat Bay degradation would be irresponsible, and legislature should push the bill to Governor Christie regardless of his opposition based on speculation of “unfair burden (of) taxpayers with extra fees and taxes”, which is not included in the bills, but rather the power for governing bodies to levy taxes as seen needed.

Move Forward on cleanup bills

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